Bleeding Disorders

Bleeding Disorder Facts

A bleeding disorder is a defect in the body’s blood clotting system. Clotting factors are missing or do not work as they should.


  • Hemophilia is a sex-linked blood clotting disorder that causes excessive bleeding to occur spontaneously.
  • Hemophilia may be mild, moderate or severe.
  • Individuals with hemophilia bleed longer not faster than people with normal clotting factors.
  • A misconception is that people with hemophilia will bleed to death from a minor cut or injury.
  • The most conventional method of treatment of bleeding disorders is intravenous infusion of factor.

Von Willebrand Disease

  • Hemophilia & von Willebrand diseases are inherited, however both can result from a genetic mutation with no prior family history.
  • A deficient blood protein call von Willebrand factor causes von Willebrand disease.
  • Von Willebrand disease is the most common bleeding disorder. It can be passed down from either parent.
  • Often, people do not realize they may have this disease until another family member is diagnosed, as it is usually a mild disorder with few symptoms if any.

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